This part of the platform contains protocols and methods for identification of the main animal pests and diseases on maize, as well as their symptoms.

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Fusarium spp. causing ear rots are the most economically significant diseases in most European regions and, with the exception of Spain, are an increasing problem in Europe.
Maize smut is caused by the fungus Ustilago maydis and may cause important crop losses.
Fact sheets on animal pests and diseases in field crops. The sheets present the pest and its cycle, as well as the injuries caused.
Maize Doctor provides a simple, stepwise method for identifying maize production problems, pests and diseases and suggests ways you can overcome your problems.
This document from Cornell University, gives guidelines for scouting of weeds, diseases and animal pests on maize in an IPM context.
Les grandes cultures offrent d'immenses espaces de colonisation aux pucerons. 35 espèces dangereuses sont décrites ici grâce à des données essentielles dans la mise au point de méthodes de lutte efficaces et respectueuses de l’environnement.

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