Vigicultures ® observation protocol for winter wheat

Vigicultures ® observation protocol for winter wheat

This protocol presents methods for monitoring of diseases and animal pests on winter wheat, at the field scale. The following pests are observed:

  • Eyespot
  • Sharp eyespot
  • Fusarium foot rot
  • Other diseases of the basis of the plant
  • Take-all
  • Powdery mildew
  • Septoria leaf spot
  • Brown rust
  • Yellow rust
  • Spot blotch
  • Septoria nodorum
  • Fusarium head blight
  • Microdochium
  • Ergot
  • Flag smut
  • Other fungi
  • Black rust
  • Common and dwarf bunt of wheat
  • Damping off of seedlings (Pythium, Fusarium, Septoria nodorum)
  • Viroses
  • Bacterioses
  • Autumn aphids
  • Leafhoppers (Psamotettix alienus)
  • Wheat curl mite
  • Maggot
  • Frit fly
  • Grey fly
  • Yellow fly
  • Slugs
  • Wheat wireworm
  • Common crane fly
  • Field mice, voles
  • Wheat chafer (Anisoplia austriaca, Hbst.)
  • Cereal ground beetle
  • Nematodes
  • Cnephasia
  • Lema
  • Agromyza
  • Leaf aphids
  • Ear aphids
  • Grain borer
  • Wheat-stem sawfly
  • Wheat midge
  • Thrip
  • Stink bug
  • Birds: crows, starlings, pigeons


Vigicultures ® is a user-friendly and quick information system on pest pressure created by four French technical institutes: Arvalis-Institut du végétal (cereals, legume crops, potato, maize, fodder crops), CETIOM (oleaginous crops), ITB (sugar beet, fodder beet) and ITL (flax).
The objectives of the system are a real-time identification and monitoring of the pests, an evaluation of the risks for the crops and information allowing farmers and field operators to target crop protection interventions. Information is collected according to harmonised protocols by observers belonging to regional networks, and stored in a database. The information is used in the agricultural advertisements “Bulletin de Santé du Vegetal” (plant health reports).
The protocol presented here is used for data collection at the local level.

Authors: Danièle Simonneau (Arvalis) with the help of the following specialists : Pierre Taupin, Gilles  Couleaud, Jean-Yves Mauffras, Nathalie Robin.

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